Medical Activity Licensing

General Information

To carry out medical activity individual entrepreneurs and legal entities must obtain the license for medical activity.

Medical activity includes providing medical services by state and non-state entities governed by the federation, and also medical services provided by companies and individual entrepreneurs, governed and/or supervised by the authorised institutions acting as the ministry of healthcare of the specific subdivision of RF.

-Medical activity license is issued by the following authorities:

-Federal license is issued by the Federal supervisory department for healthcare and social development;

Local license is issued on the basis of the territorial principle, by the authorised institution, functioning as the ministry of healthcare for the specific subdivision of RF.

  • Medical activity license is valid for 5 years;
  • Purpose of license obtaining:

-This license is the main legal document required for conducting medical activity by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;
-This license states the list of allowed types of activity in accordance with the Order of the Ministry on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development, Order No. 323, dated 10.05. 2007. 

Cultjurist Consulting Agency’s medical activity licensing services.

We provide a wide range of services in order to assist you to obtain medical activity license on the territory of RF: 

  • Obtaining sanitary-epidemiological certificate for this type of activity;
  • Preparation and filing of license package to Roszdravnadzor (Russian Federation Healthcare Authority), Moscow Healthcare Department, Ministry of Healthcare of Moscow Region;     
  • Referring and enrolling your specialists to the training and  qualifications upgrade courses, obtaining relevant certificates;
  • On-site pre-licensing visit of our experts, within Moscow and Moscow region, for compliance inspection in order to make sure that all site conditions are in accordance with the legal licensing requirements.

Our consultants are ready to answer your individual questions regarding medical activity licensing. Do not hesitate to contact us in case you need more information.